Tumalog Tranquility: A Majestic Travelogue to Cebu’s Enchanting Falls

Tumalog Falls

This is actually the biggest falls I have ever seen so far in my traveling journey. It’s not just an ordinary falls. The area is surrounded with abundant trees and huge rocks that it felt like I was in a garden. Tumalog Falls is located 2 hours away from Cebu City (yes it’s that far!) and from the airport it’s probably around 3-4 hours. It’s in a secluded area in Oslob. This falls didn’t have much water as I expected it to be because of its size. But then, its beauty didn’t fail to amaze me.

This day was quite tiring because we had to be on a long roadtrip just to reach the southern part of Cebu. But then I thought nothing is easy if you want to see the real deal in every place you visit. Patience is something that travel teaches you. It allows you to enjoy every bit of waiting. Cebu is a huge part of the Philippines so I’m not surprised anymore when I had the chance to visit it.

F.Y.I., my friends and I only had 3 days to explore! That was the hardest part because we had to tightly squeeze our itinerary just to fit it all in our schedule. Honestly, that’s not advisable for you travel folks because when you go on a vacation, you must enjoy the scenery as much as you can in a relaxed way without trying to compete with time.

Moving forward, below are a few photos around Tumalog Falls. Unfortunately, my local photographer set up the camera incorrectly while taking photos with me in it so I wasn’t able to include them in this blog post (all my photos came out blurred).

The abundance of trees amazed me! They’ve kept the area as green as possible.

This is actually my favorite photo. I love how the lighting struck the house naturally!

You might have noticed that the area is a bit brownish. It was actually raining at that time so we had to walk slowly as the falls is surrounded by rock formations it can get slippery during rainy season. I also loved how they preserved the area as natural as possible.

All these waters came from the falls. They’re clean but the temperature made it very cold because of the rain!

Here are some snaps of Tumalog Falls! As you can see, there’s not too much water coming down but if you try to swim (which I did), the level of water is around my waist (I’m 5’4″ in case you were wondering). It was a bit windy which made the area really cold I had to get out of the water after a few minutes!

Last but not the least, me and my friends’ photo. It’s definitely a great experience to travel with friends even once in a while. Life is too short to waste it with people that don’t inspire you to live.

Tumalog falls is definitely a must visit! Yet, for only $1 USD or Php 50, you can ride a motorcycle or “habal-habal” (how they call it in local terms) and the entrance fee to the falls is only Php 20- treat it as your contribution to its maintenance. You see, not everything in traveling is expensive!

For more details on touring around Cebu including island hopping, city tour bookings and car services, feel free to contact our super kind and friendly local tour guide through Facebook Fritz Gimarangan and his contact number +63 923-869-8818. ‘Til next post!

*Tumalog Falls blog post is sponsored by Khongboon Swimwear.

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