Malapascua Island Magic: A Captivating Cebu Travelogue of Uncharted Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Cebu, Malapascua Island is relatively small, but its charm will blow you away! What I love about this island is its serenity. Getting there is a long bus ride from Cebu (Northern Bus Terminal – Ceres Bus) that will take you to Maya Port then a short boat ride from there to reach the island. The bus and boat ride are really cheap so make sure to not get scammed by anyone. I always recommend going straight to the ticket counter.

This island is a haven for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, beckons with its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches white sandy shores, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich marine ecosystem waiting to be explored. Let’s look at the photos I took around this beautiful island!

This was the sunrise view from Maya Port. We rode the Ceres Bus very early to reach the port at 5am. Our goal is to reach Malapascua Island as early as possible to not meet the high tide later. This is definitely one of the challenges you will face when traveling around Philippine islands. Always do your proper research ahead of time if you’re planning to explore the country soon. Entrance fee to this island is 25 pesos.

Another photo of this beautiful sunrise view. I rarely see this as I live in the city so I take photos as much as I can.

And first photo on the island! I waited for the sun to rise more before taking these photos so you guys can see how beautiful this island is. Look at that fine white sand and darker blue waters! 

And of course, nothing beats a moment of sun-tanning. Just make sure you achieve an even tan so you won’t look like an eclipse. Trust me, you don’t want that. 

There are quite a few boats around the area that takes tourists and locals from one point to another. Before going anywhere around Cebu, make sure you’ve arranged everything. Your transportation, hotel bookings and tours as this place is huge you won’t have time to rush everything or you won’t reach anything if you planned nothing. Time is so valuable here because of the high tides. 

How could I forget to take a photo of our food? These are all local Filipino food that are must-try! I know the one in the middle, lechon, is already popular in other countries but you can’t miss Cebu lechon! It’s their specialty! Also, try some dried fish dipped in spicy vinegar. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with it! Malapascua Island, though small, definitely has much to offer that you don’t want to miss.

Another photo of the delicious lechon. They served it real hot and crispy that you want to order another plate!

I was just chilling after long island trips and a good lunch. It’s great to somehow take a moment to breathe the fresh air and admire wonderful views like this when traveling. Appreciate the beauty of the place as much as you can.

Honestly, I could stay all day in this hammock!

Malapascua Island has a lot of things to offer. From cheap to luxurious hotels, restaurants to choose from, tours to enjoy around the area, friendly locals and great sunrise and sunset! When touring around Cebu, just keep in mind to always bring a pocket wifi or a local sim card with internet data and phone credits in case of emergency. You need to stay connected at all times especially if you’re an international tourist, for your own safety. Even local tourists should do all these. This advice is actually applicable everywhere you go!

Also, the language in Cebu is different (Bisaya), but they speak English and Filipino so no worries on that. Always be aware of your surroundings. There are no ATM machines around this island and you might encounter bugs because of the beach. Make sure to bring cash converted in Philippine pesos enough to cover your entire trip, an insect repellent, a powerbank, chargers, durable slippers or water sandals, a small waterproof bag or ziplock bags (trust me, you need these!) and of course, sunscreen to avoid a crazy sunburn. Let’s pull out our scout skills, shall we?!

For more details on touring around Cebu including island hopping, city tour bookings and car services, feel free to contact our super kind and friendly local tour guide through Facebook Fritz Gimarangan and his contact number +63 923-869-8818. ‘Til next post!

*Malapascua Island blog post is sponsored by 2SeeLife for my sunglasses.

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