Naked Island Oasis: Dive into the Beauty of Siargao’s Hidden Gem in this Ultimate Travelogue

Naked Island is one of the islands covered in our Siargao Island Hopping tour. It was organized by Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant and it costs 1000 Philippine Pesos ($20)! It’s quite costly for locals but it already covers 3 islands and a big lunch. Also, there is no entrance fee or additional fees so once your boat reaches the island, you’re good to go swimming or just plain sunbathing. This island is the simplest among all 3.

With no structures, no shade, and just the beauty of nature laid bare before you, Naked Island is a testament to the raw and unspoiled allure of Siargao. I had so much fun unraveling the secrets of this secluded haven, where the sun kisses the ocean and time seems to stand still. The tranquility of turquoise waters, soak in the sun’s warmth on the untouched sands, it was definitely mesmerizing. Naked Island is truly a testament to the untouched beauty of Siargao. In this travelogue, we will explore the uncharted beauty of Naked Island, a canvas of serenity waiting to leave an indelible mark on your wanderlust soul. Let’s take a look at all the photos I took around the area!

The first photo you saw on this blog post and this one above is actually the first thing you see before you ride the boat going to the islands. Perfect timing as the weather was so cooperative this day so I was able to take some lovely photos unlike the first day that it rained and I quite had a hard time getting the shots that I wanted.

I just love that this area has a lot of trees and the water is so clean!

Perfect timing that these dogs went for a walk on the beach front. What a candid moment! The white sand is clearly competing beautifully with the sunrise! The island hopping starts at an early time so taking photos will definitely look as peaceful as this.

The fine white sand hurts my eyes so good I wanna live here!

This view is on the other side. So serene!

Saw this in the middle of the ocean. I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s kind of cool to go there and chill for a moment if it’s safe.

Enjoying the clean waters and fine sand here at Naked Island! So so pretty in person you have to see it yourself.

How clean is this island?! It’s nice to see how it’s well-maintained.

I know there are no trees around the island, but this bench is cool I had to take a photo with it!

Lucky that I saw this cute starfish while walking. Please guys if you see one, don’t pick it up.

My sister and I had to compete with the overpowering sun rays as we played around the camera settings just to take this shot. I guess we did pretty well. Haha!

Philippines is really full of amazing, peaceful, and breathtaking places and I know Naked Island is just one of them! I can’t wait to explore this country more and share it with you guys. Siargao is really a must-go when you visit here as it’s one of the islands that has a lot of things to see. I still have a few more to share about this island so keep posted by subscribing on the upper right side of this post or following me on Instagram @roselinni

For more details and booking inquiries at Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant, visit See you in the next post!

*Naked Island blog post is sponsored by Skyjet Airlines for my plane tickets, 2SeeLife for my sunglasses and Sammy Dress for my romper.

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