Sumilon Island Cebu Escapade: Unforgettable Travelogue of Serenity and Adventure

Cebu is one of the biggest provinces in the Philippines. It’s divided into North and South side comprising towns with different vibes and islands that you can explore. Me and my friends were there for 3 days but it’s not enough to see everything so go for longer days or even a week or two and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of it more. In this blog post and the coming ones, I’m going to share with you guys photos as we explored the South side; which according to the locals, is the best. Sumilon Island as the first stop!

Famous for its unique sandbar, clear waters, and fine sand, Sumilon Island is just one of the hidden gems in the South side of Cebu. Unfortunately, it was high tide when we went so we weren’t able to see the sandbar. But, feel free to check out some photos I took around this captivating island.

As early as 9 am, there were already a lot of people visiting this island. It was really a challenge to take photos! The island is so small it got too crowded in minutes. But, always remember that the main purpose of traveling is being able to enjoy the view.

We decided to go up and took photos there instead to somehow get a good angle. It was definitely worth it seeing this kind of view! 

Another boat arrived at the island. It seems like the common color of their boats is orange.  

Travel doesn’t only build new and different kinds of relationships; it also strengthens them.

This is actually where we had our lunch. The weather was gloomy the whole day and taking photos was way harder than the usual that I had to edit the lighting in every single one of them so you guys can see these beautiful views as clear as possible.

 Another boat arrived with more people. Clearly, Sumilon Island is way popular!

You’ll never go wrong with a fresh island coconut drink!

These are the food we ate for lunch- Filipino dishes called Pork Sinigang, Pinakbet, and Fried Fish with some plain rice. They all are a must-try! I always recommend trying local food when going to places you haven’t been before!

Another cute photo with my friends. I love how we have the same interest with traveling that kept us closer together. 

This photo clearly showed the real color of the waters. How beautiful is that kind of cool blue-green combination!

Just me who got cozy at this fine Sumilon Island sand. I was able to take a quick snap on this area before more people came in.

And that’s it for now! I hope you guys visit Sumilon Island too when you go to the Philippines! It is small but definitely a good idea for a quick stop when you explore the South side of Cebu. It’s best if you go there during summer so you can see the sandbar! Yet, be there as early as you can because it’s a 4-hour drive from the airport!

It’s also a good idea to find an accommodation near the spots you want to go so you won’t waste your time on road trips as the traffic is quite an issue. Sumilon Island is only a 30-45-minute boat ride from Oslob and for Php 400 or $8, you can already go there and see for yourself. 

For more details on touring around Cebu including island hopping, city tour bookings and car services, feel free to contact our super kind and friendly local tour guide through Facebook Fritz Gimarangan and his contact number +63 923-869-8818. ‘Til next post!

*Sumilon Island travelogue is sponsored by Khongboon Swimwear for my swimsuit and 2SeeLife for my sunglasses.

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