Embrace Sacred Wonders of Simala Church: A Spiritual Travelogue in Cebu, Philippines

Simala Church is located in the southern part of Cebu. It’s known for its castle-like structure which can house thousands of tourists everyday. It is a house of worship that imposes strict rules for visitors so proper dress code is mandatory (please don’t wear clothes that are too revealing). Yet, this is probably the most challenging day from my Cebu trip. It was gloomy the whole day since it wasn’t the ideal month to travel around the Philippines (please always do your research when you travel) so the weather basically can’t get along with us.

But then, this was an impulsive trip. My friends and I randomly just thought about going because of low airfares and we haven’t seen each other in a long time so might as well do it. Anyways, that didn’t stop us from exploring this beautiful city.

There are a lot of activities that can be done inside Simala Church. You can light a candle or send prayers to Mama Mary. Also, they said that tears came out from Mama Mary’s eyes on this church (not sure of this was true but the locals said that was made it more sacred). Before you go inside, a lot of vendors are renting long fabrics to be used as shawls or skirts and are mainly intended for visitors who are wearing shorts, mini skirts, or tops that show too much skin. They are also selling religious items for Catholic religion devotees. Below are some breathtaking photos I took around. I still can’t believe I was inside a church!

This was actually my favorite part of the church. That mini gazebo and stair-like looking rock formation really made this area the most elegant part. How beautiful! If only I had a drone I would love to show you guys the entire area- truly breathtaking!

They said that Simala Church’s design was inspired by European-Spanish churches. This was my first time ever seeing something like this in the Philippines. Pretty cool!

There’s a small body of water in the middle of the church. It definitely adds more character to its beauty. It’s very much noticeable how the architects and engineers put a lot of work into one of the most highlighted destinations in Cebu.

That stairs are the first you’ll step in to walk further around Simala Church. A lot of people like to take pictures specifically around that area. Entrance to the church is free and parking is only 50 pesos = $1 USD.

The church exterior is also surrounded by saints.

I can’t even describe how amazing it looked like in person. The gloomy weather definitely can’t destroy its beauty!

Look at those windows with blue-colored stained glass! I’ve never seen such kind of design before.

This photo almost shows the entire view of Simala Church. Also, I was wearing shorts so I had to rent a shawl skirt to be able to go inside.

And that’s it for now! It was not only a great experience to be able to see Simala Church in person. Being a devotee of the Roman Catholic church, it was an honor and a privilege to have prayed in this uniquely beautiful church. I hope you guys could visit it as well to complete your Cebu, Philippines trip. This may only be a simple blog post but I’m telling you, this doesn’t even describe how beautiful the church is. I can’t wait for you guys to see it too!

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