Surf, Sun, and Serenity at Siargao Island: The Ultimate Travel Guide

siargao island

Winning a round-trip ticket to Siargao Island, Philippines is one of the biggest gifts I have ever received in my entire life. I didn’t expect to win this and it was actually my first time to ever win a travel contest. I can’t wait to participate in more; hopefully another one similar. Thank you again, Skyjet Airlines!

Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant is where I stayed for 4 days 3 nights in this peaceful new island. This resort is actually located in the middle of everything so we got so lucky we were able to book here as they’re always full and a lot of reviews said they have the best restaurant in the entire island! I was with my sister, she decided to accompany me on this trip as she also got curious of the whole vibe. On the first day, we decided to stay at the hotel as it rained unexpectedly. Thank goodness they have a really great area, the bed is comfy, and I couldn’t even tell you how excellent the food was!

Naked Island is the first stop in our island hopping tour. It was organized by our dear hotel Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant and it’s priced at 1000 Philippine Pesos ($20) only! This is a delight for foreign travelers as it’s a tourist-friendly price. I know it’s quite costly for locals but it already covers 3 islands and a good lunch which was worth it. Also, there is no entrance fee or other additional fees so once your boat reaches the island, you’re good to go swimming or just plain sightseeing. This island is the simplest among all 3 because it has less trees and other beach stuff. It’s all just fine white sand and clear waters.

Daku Island is the 2nd stop in our island hopping tour and is definitely my favorite! There are lots of things you can do here like snorkeling, rent a hut and have lunch or a nice picnic there, play volleyball, or just enjoy swimming under the turquoise waters. I just adore how the coconut trees surround the island making it look peaceful, breezy, and yet, instagrammable! What’s also unique about this island is that some locals actually live here. They’re really doing a great job maintaining the cleanliness of it.

Guyam Island is another one of the islands covered in our Siargao Island hopping tour. I just love the dynamics of each island. It’s absolutely incomparable as they’re all different in a way that each of them will bring you a different kind of vibe. With Guyam, it’s more on the rocky side, a little less sand, and with trees this time which we didn’t see in Naked Island.

Isla Cabana is just one of the luxurious resorts in Siargao that evidently shows we can also indulge for comfort. We always want to save or be thrifty as much as we can while traveling, but some people also prefer to spend for vacation especially if it’s their only time to relax and somehow unwind. We all have our own preferences; and that, my dear friends, is the essence of traveling.

It’s crazy knowing The Philippines is an archipelago made of 7107+ islands. Yes you read that right; and Siargao is just one of them! What an incredible country that has so much to offer. I definitely recommend it to those who are seeking for the tropics. This is one of the things I love about traveling. You’ll be fascinated that this world actually has a lot more to offer than what we expect, whether we get lost in the middle of unique discoveries or endless possibilities.

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***Itinerary not yet available as the island is in the middle of recovery after a massive storm hit.

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