Guyam Island Getaway: A Travelogue Navigating the Tropical Paradise of Siargao, Philippines

Guyam Island

It’s crazy knowing The Philippines is an archipelago made of 7100 islands. Yes you read that right; and Siargao is just one of them. What an incredible country that has so much to offer than its size. Guyam Island is another one of the islands covered in our Siargao Island hopping tour. I definitely recommend it to those who are seeking for the tropics. Yet, seafood and friendly people are also in sight! It may sound ordinary at first but it never seized to amaze me!

This is just one of the things I love about traveling. You’ll be fascinated that this world actually has a lot more to offer than what we expect, whether we get lost in the middle of unique discoveries or endless possibilities.

I just love the dynamics of each island. It’s absolutely incomparable as they’re all different in a way that each of them will bring you a different kind of vibe. With Guyam Island, it’s more on the rocky side, more water, and a little less sand and with trees this time which we didn’t see in Naked Island. I’m glad I was able to do this tour as Siargao definitely has a lot of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the years to come. I just hope the islands will remain as peaceful as they are. Now enjoy some random shots I took around it:

Healthy trees around the island are well taken care of by locals. These are coconuts but I’m just not sure if you can get the fruit for free I didn’t dare to ask anymore.

And yes, rocks everywhere but I love how it complements the sunset vibe. Guyam Island is so unique!

I like how the sand texture is so fine and golden in color. Yet, majority of the boats are white which clearly contributed to the simplicity of the islands.

Another look at the rocky area of the island. F.Y.I. these are all natural. So cool!

Trust me, it wasn’t easy to take a shot in this area. The rocks are too sharp which made it so hard to walk on them. Do it for the gram/blog as they say! Hahaha!

Only a few people, tourists and locals are present when we got there so it was indeed a perfect timing.

The struggle is real but I hope the photograph turned out well at least. Hahaha! I love the dress too as it complements with the rocks and the sunset so I did my best to take photos with it.

And yet again another travel diary shared today! Half of every day my sister and I spent on this island were raining but we got so lucky as the sun came out when we started the island hopping at Guyam Island. This region in The Philippines has an unpredictable weather so I recommend the best way to go is definitely during summer. Sunscreen is truly your best friend here especially if you want to go surfing, which Siargao Island is famous for.

I’m so grateful for the messages I receive every now and then how you guys adore my travel journey. It was early on but I’m trying my best here to give you guys content enough to inspire you to include traveling in your lives. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive as long as you’re enjoying the beauty and essence of it is more than enough. Yet, it’s about finding yourself in the middle of unimaginable realizations in life, of who you really are and what you really want, and becoming a better person in your own way. Or better yet, letting go and moving on. Hahaha! It sounds funny but trust me, it helps.

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