Daku Island Discovery: A Siargao Travelogue Brimming with Tropical Grandeur

Daku Island

Daku Island is actually the second stop in our Siargao Island hopping tour. I chose to post it last because this is the biggest among the three and totally my favorite! There are lots of things you can do here like snorkeling, rent a hut and have lunch or a nice picnic there, play volleyball, or just enjoy swimming under the turquoise waters. I just adore how the coconut trees surround the island making it look peaceful, breezy, and yet, instagrammable! What’s also unique about this island is that some locals actually live here. They’re really doing a great job maintaining the cleanliness of it.

I got so fascinated at how clean this island is and the fine sand surrounding it. Thank goodness the weather came out just fine and my sister and I were able to enjoy this tour, as you can see, evidently, through these photographs. The islands are so new and we got lucky that we were able to enjoy it while they’re still not crowded. It’s very important to somehow appreciate how rare a country that has lots of islands that you can choose from and go to whichever you prefer. They actually differ in terms of waters, sand, and ambiance. Here I’ll show you why Daku island is my favorite:

These coconut trees are so precious they bear tons of golden coconuts! Love me some fresh one!

Enjoying the sun by shadow-playing!

Look at how the sun shines! Turned out my sunscreen was applied for a reason! Thought it was going to waste until this happened. We got so lucky!

Cute boats around the area. The first boat photo (named Marajaw, I guess?) was the one from our hotel that we rode to get here.

This is mainly what you see inside the island. I love how clean it is!

 As you can see, the sky is dim on the other side but at least we still got sun and sweat. Hahaha!

And of course, how could I forget another mandatory coconut trees shot to feel the summer beach vibe more? One is not enough! Haha!

There are other trees here aside from coconuts. They make the island more breezy.

And last but not the least, another look at the turquoise waters! They actually limit the number of visitors in a day so it won’t be crowded and everyone can still enjoy soaking in the clear waters. I mean, I’ve never seen one as clear as this! I soaked for a little while after taking these shots and I was so happy to have gained a considerable amount of tan at least. Hahaha!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my island hopping posts! In the coming days, I’ll be sharing more of what Siargao has to offer. This island is so promising that there are more places around it waiting to be discovered and of course, valued as our own no matter what. Keeping them in great shape is honestly the most priceless contribution to the tourism industry. So please, guys, be a responsible traveler and make the best of your travels by helping the locals maintain the natural beauty of each country/place/island you go to in every way you can. ‘Til next post!

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