Riding the Waves of Paradise: The Ultimate Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant Travelogue

Winning a round-trip ticket to Siargao Island, Philippines is one of the biggest gifts I have ever received in my entire life. I didn’t expect to win and it was actually my first time to ever win a travel contest. I can’t wait to participate in more; hopefully another one similar. Thank you again, Skyjet Airlines!

Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant is where I stayed for 4 days 3 nights in this peaceful new island. It’s owned by an Italian thus the concept of the amazing restaurant. Also, they’re actually located in the middle of everything so we got so lucky we were able to book here as they’re always full and a lot of reviews said they have the best restaurant in the entire island!

I was with my sister, she decided to accompany me on this trip as she also got curious of the whole vibe. On the first day, we decided to stay at the hotel as it rained unexpectedly. Thank goodness they have a really great area, the bed is comfy, and I couldn’t even tell you how excellent the food was!

Below are some photos around the resort:

This is the first thing that we saw when we arrived at the resort. How cute is that art?!

So cool to see more art around the restaurant! And of course, that brick oven is so unique and makes the perfect pizza!

This is the finish product of that cool brick oven, which is a Margherita pizza. It’s so crispy and flavorful! I forgot to take a photo of their hot sauce but it’s their signature; only on this resort that I have tried such kind! I’m so glad they already have a branch in Makati which I’ve tried as well and it was awesome!

The pasta was one of their specialties called Pappardelle ala Bolognese. I love pasta and knowing this is pure homemade was heaven for me! Indeed a must-try!

I decided to order a coconut drink and it was so fresh and cold! But the great thing about this resort is that they only use bamboo straws, avoiding plastic as much as they can. What a great thing to do to help keep the environment as healthy as possible.

Some random photos around the resort. It’s so pretty I wish I could live here! I love being close to nature.

I took some photos of our amazing Italian dinner. They also got a cool touch of Asian/Filipino flavors. All I can say is that everything on their menu is so good!

Took a snap of what we had for breakfast too. That is actually their signature homemade pancake. Love the originality!

This is their coolest area where you can just chill out, read a book, join their yoga classes, and more cool stuff to do all day!

Photos around the restaurant area and the bar. This is actually not the whole thing, there’s still more on the right side but I’m trying not to take photos where there are some people enjoying their fabulous lunch to respect their privacy.

Another cool thing about this resort is their souvenir shop! I adore the hard work they have put in to their original art. Yet, it’s so nice they have their own line called Gwapitos! It’s always great to support local brands.

Here are some random photos around the room itself. It’s called Lokal Cottage and it costs $58 (3000 in Philippine Pesos) a night. It can occupy 2 people and a free breakfast and wifi is included. It also has a nice AC, fresh water, clean towels, and daily cleaning by their awesome staff. 

It’s crazy how happy I was on this vacation; not only because of winning the round trip tickets but also staying at an amazing resort with so much to offer. My sister and I are indeed so lucky! Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant is indeed an affordable to stay- definitely recommend also because of the food! It’s one of the best in the island! It’s always good to go on a vacation with a cozy accommodation and great food.

For more information and booking inquiries at Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant, visitΒ https://www.kermitsiargao.com/.

*Kermit Siargao Surf Resort & Restaurant blog post is sponsored by Skyjet Airlines for my plane tickets and 2SeeLife for my sunglasses.

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