Sugar Rush Delight: Exploring the Sweet Escapade at the Dessert Museum, Philippines

the dessert museum conrad hotel philippines

I’m so excited to share with you guys one of the unique places I went to in the Philippines. It’s called The Dessert Museum, which is located at Conrad Hotel in Pasay, Philippines. Honestly I wouldn’t call it a museum if I was the owner. It’s more of an exhibit as it imitates different kinds of candies. Join me as we unwrap the magic behind each sugar-coated corner, immersing ourselves in a symphony of colors, flavors, and sheer enchantment. This museum invites you to indulge in a sugary reverie that transcends the ordinary, igniting a sweet-toothed adventure of a lifetime.

A place where fantasy meets reality, this delectable wonderland invites you to surrender to the allure of sugary fantasies and embark on a journey through a whimsical realm of sweetness. It is truly an extraordinary destination where sugar becomes an art form, and each moment is a celebration of the sweet joys that make life oh-so-delicious. Take a look at some photos I took around this fun attraction!

 In front of the museum. To those who love sweets will appreciate this place. Picture yourself amidst towering ice cream cones, cotton candy clouds, and walls adorned with delectable treats that spark the childlike joy within.

Just a cute neon signage. 

The donut section of the museum. I love how these artificial donuts are hanged all over the room.

The marshmallow section of the museum. They also give desserts along the tour as it’s included in the admission fee. The artificial marshmallows are stuck in the walls- they’re actually bigger in person!

Random fun area in the museum. You can go ahead and try this bubble thing as well! There’s a lot of people waiting in line even at this swing so make sure to do it fast.

The gummy bears section. This is so cute and I like the combination of colors in this room.

This is I believe another candy section. I like that they give free desserts as part of the admission.

This is another free dessert from the ice cream section. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the area because there are a lot of people who visited the museum that day. 

My most favorite part- the cotton candy section. Not only that it’s pink but it’s such a very creative addition to the museum!

This is the lollipop section. Another free dessert was given. So awesome!

There are some areas that I wasn’t able to take a photo because as I’ve mentioned a while ago, I tried my best to work my way around an area full of people. They do the tour per batch depending on your online reservation which costs around $10. You can also just walk-in at the museum but it’s gonna cost you a little more. The price is okay for me but they could’ve lessen the people per batch and added more desserts though to make the tour more fun.

This whimsical journey through a sugar-coated dreamscape has been more than a feast for the senses—it’s been a celebration of joy, imagination, and the universal love for all things sweet. The Dessert Museum is not just a place; it’s a magical tapestry of experiences, where the love for indulgence intertwines with the art of living in the sweetest way possible.

*Dessert Museum blog post is not a sponsored content but the necklace is sponsored by Mel’s Collection*For more information about admission, visit The Dessert Museum.

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