Discovering Paradise: Casa Canada Unveiled – A Nicaraguan Odyssey for Travel Enthusiasts

casa canada big corn island nicaragua

I’ve been wanting to share this travel diary with you guys as this was one of best I’ve seen. Casa Canada, a 4-star private resort owned by Canadians, is a beautiful hidden gem surrounded with cabanas, infinity pool and a breathtaking beach front nestled in the heart of Big Corn Island in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. I traveled with two of my greatest friends and I had so much fun. This was my first travel venture with them and it was totally a dream come true. I just love hanging out with people whom I have the same interest with.

Corn Islands is actually divided into two islands (Big Corn and Little Corn). You can do all kinds of water activities that travelers really love. This island is not just about swimming or surfing. It’s also exploring neighboring islands or places, trying out local food, dive or snorkel, meet locals and other travelers and get a glimpse of living the island life. I’ve always dreamed of trying to live in an island for a month or two of what it would be like to live in such place. I’m pretty sure it must be relaxing. We definitely need a little peace and quiet in our lives.

This was our Nicaraguan plane- which only flies from Managua to Corn Island for 1 1/2 hours.

The breakfast at Casa Canada is delicious! I liked that they serve fresh fruits and milk for the coffee. I was definitely full.

The dining area where you can have breakfast, lunch or an early afternoon drink. I forgot to take pictures of their indoor bar but they do have that as well. You can also dine in at the restaurant which is just beside the bar.

These photos are beside and in front of our room/the cabanas. The resort is so clean and peaceful. Keep in mind that the pool is really deep. There’s no such thing as crowded area in this resort. Also, who wouldn’t love an infinity pool with the view of the ocean?!

I love this area of the resort! The cabanas really give enough privacy to the guests.

We decided to just stay here on the first day so we can check out what this place has to offer. I didn’t take photos of how the inside of the room looked like but it was so spacious, cozy, and really clean with complete amenities such as towels and toiletries. They even have a menu where you can order room service.

You can also drink or have lunch at these cute huts! I really liked how they set it up with colorful chairs.

When you’re tired of swimming or island hopping, you can sit on these rocking chairs- just chill and watch the gorgeous sunset.

What a pretty hammock and well-maintained green landscape! I was actually chilling a lot in this area. It’s so quiet I just loved hearing the ocean waves.

Some areas of the beach front. I’m so glad that the weather was so good that I was able to see how clean, quiet, and beautiful this island is. Look at how blue the waters are!

As I reluctantly bid adieu to the warm embrace of Casa Canada, I carry with me a trove of cherished memories and newfound appreciation for the beauty this remarkable place has to offer. From the vibrant local culture to the breathtaking landscapes, Casa Canada served as my haven in the heart of Nicaragua. Until we meet again, thank you for being the backdrop to my Nicaraguan odyssey and a home away from home.

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